075. <a href='/joe-pulizzi/'>Joe Pulizzi</a> — Founder of Content Marketing Institute — Does Your Content Fit Into Your Buyer’s Journey?

075. Joe Pulizzi — Founder of Content Marketing Institute — Does Your Content Fit Into Your Buyer’s Journey?

May 3rd, 2016 By: Ash

Joe Pulizzi — Founder of Content Marketing Institute — Would Anyone Miss Your Content If It Was Gone?

Joe Pullizi is a leading evangelist for content marketing, an entrepreneur and a speaker and is the author of awesome content marketing books such as Content Inc and Epic Content Marketing. He believes passionately that there is a better way for brands to market than they have done in the past and as the founder of Content Marketing Institute. In fact, CMI is a culmination of all his ideas and beliefs around content marketing.


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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:50 – Ash Roy reads a review of a podcast listener from Australian iTunes store.
  • 01:22 – Related podcast episodes that you may find useful
  • 02:47 – Introduction to Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Insititute
  • 03:20 – Joe Pulizzi shares his views on content marketing and the importance of good content marketing strategy in the digital era.
  • 05:21 – How building an audience via opt-ins leads to best results over 12 to 15 months
  • 06:15 – Ash explains his comment”Attention is the new currency” in his interview with Kevin Rogers and his comment “Do you want to be a part of the conversation between buyer and seller?” with Chris Garrett‘s.
  • 08:18 – Ash discusses Rand Fishkin‘s view that ‘good quality content is the content that tends to get shared’.
  • 08:51 – How a great content marketing mission statement can help make your content rise to the top
  • 09:51 – Joe Pulizzi explains Content Marketing Institute’s mission and vision statement.
  • 11:16 – Joe Pulizzi shares some tips on how to create your mission statement.
  • 11:49 – Joe Pulizzi explains the importance of understanding your buyer persona first before creating content that solves their problem.
  • 13:05 – Ash Roy and Joe Pulizzi share examples of how educational content marketing works.
  • 14:34 – The importance of posting your content on your website and propagating links to social media (rather than directly on social media platforms)
  • 16:30- Joe Pulizzi‘s view on the evolution of written content marketing over the last few years
  • 17:40 – How to do content marketing experiments the right way
  • 19:16 – How Joe Pulizzi sees content marketing evolve in 2016
  • 19:53 – Ash Roy enumerates the key actions the listeners can take from this episode.
  • 21:21 – “Would anyone miss your content if it was gone?” — the most critical question in writing content
  • 22:14 – Finding where your products fit in your audience journey is the best way to build customer relationship.
  • 23:01 – Books that have significant impact on Joe Pulizzi and why
  • 24:06 – How to find out more about Joe Pulizzi
  • 25:03 – Thank you

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