071. Rohit Bhargava — Author of Likeonomics and Non-Obvious — On The Value of Content Curation Over Content Creation

April 2nd, 2016 By: Ash

Rohit Bhargava — Author of Likeonomics and Non-Obvious — On The Value of Content Curation Over Content Creation

Rohit Bhargava from rohitbhargava.com always listens first and then speaks. His passion is sharing non-obvious advice to help brands and leaders be more influential. He does this through keynote speeches, published books and strategic advice. He is the author of books like; Likeonomics, Personality Not Included and Non-Obvious which is a Wall Stress bestseller. He’s also a professor Georgetown University in Marketing.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:40 – Intro and Overview
  • 01:16 – How to build influence and why being an influencer is such an important competitive advantage
  • 02:26 – A better question is “How do you identify an influencer that is relevant to your situation?”.
  • 03:53 – Engagement and quality of people you’re influencing matter more.
  • 05:57 – The idea behind the book: Non-obvious and how to use principles
  • 06:45 – Rohit Bhargava’s hack on thinking in a non-obvious way – intersections
  • 07:48 – Two great people who used intersections effectively: Steve Jobs and Charlie Munger
  • 08:49 – The secret to trend curation: Capture valuable ideas during your day to day life, then access them so you can categorise and connect them.
  • 10:17 – The problem with digital tools when it comes to trend curation and what to do instead
  • 15:06 – The longest time Rohit Bhargava spent working on a blog post
  • 16:30 – How Rohit Bhargava helps big brands and leaders increase their influence
  • 17:00 – Rohit Bhargava on his book ‘Likeonomics’
  • 18:36 — “The maintenance of trust is really about reputation.” — Rohit Bhargava
  • 19:23– The biggest challenges with building influence in today’s information overloaded environment and how to continue it
  • 21:32 — “What gets confused a lot in the media is they categorise fleeing interest for belief.” — Rohit Bhargava
  • 22:26 — Rohit Bhargava’s fundamental concern about media literacy
  • 23:21 – Challenges and responsibilities of influencers when it comes to commanding attention
  • 24:40 —  The challenge as an influencer is to work out how to take the attention we’ve earned and avoid transforming it into evil manipulation (an example in food marketing).
  • 26:19 – What actions a listener can take to increase influence in the market
  • 27:11 – Rather than creating more content in an information overloaded environment, consider curating content and adding valuable insights to bring a deeper understanding to that content.
  • 29:19 — The art to good content curation
  • 30:46 – The books that had big impact on Rohit Bhargava
  • 36:08 – How to find out more about Rohit Bhargava

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