006. Chris Garrett (Copyblogger) On How To Use Content Marketing To Win Online (Including A Simple 5-Day Plan To Get You Started In A Week!)

March 11th, 2015 By: Ash

Content Marketing With Chris Garrett From Copyblogger – How To Use Content Marketing For Business Success

Chris Garrett is one of the most prolific content marketers out there, and that is . Chris has a long history with CopyBlogger and has mentored some of the biggest bloggers in the world including John Morrow who I featured earlier on in this podcast series.

He’s also worked closely with Darren Rowse, and in one of the CopyBlogger authority webinars, I remember him being described by Sonya Simone as someone who’s one of the founders of CopyBlogger as one of the hardest-working people she knows. Chris was born in Canada. He grew up in the UK, and now he lives in Alberta, Canada where he teaches content marketing at a University.

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A few highlights from the interview (timestamps included):

  • 1m:48s – What is content marketing?
  • 3m:48s  – Coca-Cola Anti-Case Study for Content marketing
  • 5m:53s – Positive Case Study on Content marketing. Marcus Sheridan’s swimming pool company
  • 7m:17s – What McDonalds (and Coca-Cola) are doing right when it comes to content marketing
  • 7m:17s – The ‘conversation’ every buyer has with the seller prior to any purchasing decision (via the internet). The conversation is going to happen with or without you.
  • 9m:37s – How content marketing enables businesses leverages the online channel
  • 12m:00s – How that conversation leads to a Yes or a No decision before the buyer purchases
  • 13m:37s – Dan Pink – “Everything Good in life begins with a conversation.”
  • 15m.24s: – If you don’t use content marketing as a key marketing tool, one of your competitors will and you will regret it.
  • 16m:02s: -“Content is an answer to a question and that question could be critical to them making a decision to purchase.” Chris Garrett
  • 17m:55s: – How to overcome typical obstacles to getting started with content marketing
  • 18m:25s: – How to use an incremental approach to content marketing
  • 20m:30s: – A five-day plan to get started with content marketing

If you’d like help getting started with content marketing in your business, shoot me an email on ash@productiveinsights.com.

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