073. Darren Rowse — Problogger Founder — Shares His Secrets Around Prolific Content Creation, Podcasting, & Facebook Live (Part 1 of 2)

April 15th, 2016 By: Ash

Darren Rowse — Problogger Founder — Shares His Secrets Around Prolific Content Creation, Podcasting, and Facebook Live

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:42 – Introduction and Overview
  • 01:18 – Ash offers podcasting set-up service. Send an email to ash@productiveinsights.com to book a free 30-minute consultation.
  • 03:20 – Darren Rowse explains why blogging is so critical in authority building and lead generation.
  • 04:25 – How a blog can transform an audience and open up a relationship based on trust
  • 04:55 – How to produce content that builds friendship and grows your business
  • 06:00 – Why content gives you an opportunity not just for the listeners to get to know you, but to demonstrate, as a content creator, that you know them
  • 07:28 – The secret to understanding your before and after audience avatar
  • 07:55 -What is more important than the before picture is the journey you want to take your readers to.
  • 09:34 – How Darren Rowse published 100 podcasts episodes in a few short months
  • 10:07 – Darren Rowse shares a technique on how to create events around content.
  • 12:38 – Darren Rowse reveals his secret around creating events around content to drive subscriptions.
  • 13:21 – Darren Rowse’s view on content marketing and how it has evolved in recent years
  • 14:13 – How to use audio and video clips to grab and retain your customers’ attention
  • 15:15 – The secret to how live interactions in Periscope and Facebook Live open up amazing opportunities
  • 16:24 – How to use experiments to figure out which aspect of your content marketing to focus on
  • 16:36 – Rand Fishkin’s view on the growth of mobile content consumption in recent years
  • 17:02 – The secret behind the dramatic increase in podcast consumption among professionals and entrepreneurs
  • 18:00 – The little-known reason a podcast connects to your audience in a more personal way than any other content medium
  • 20:25 – Written content solves a different problem than audio and video content.
  • 21:03 – Darren Rowse’s invitation to their 7th annual ProBlogger event
  • 22:20 – Go to http://probloggerevents.com/ to book tickets, they will be available on 04/27/2016.
  • 23:01 – How Darren Rowse sees podcasting within his general marketing mix in the coming years and where he sees the role of video in his ProBlogger
  • 25:00 – How Darren Rowse leverages his Facebook Live audience
  • 26:00 – Ways on how to start engaging with listeners on your Facebook page
  • 28:01 – The biggest challenge with Periscope audience is to convert them into email subscribers.
  • 30:16 – Periscope and Facebook Live is playing a bigger part in business growth plans.
  • 31:11 – End of the first episode and teaser for the second episode

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