070. Valerie Khoo — Founder Of The Australian Writers Centre On Power Stories (And The 8 Stories You Must Tell)

March 26th, 2016 By: Ash

Power Stories (And The 8 Stories You Must Tell) with Valerie Khoo — Founder Of The Australian Writers Centre


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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:37 — Intro and overview
  • 01:51 — Valerie’s views on role of writing in business success and Entrepreneurship
  • 02:47 — Writing underpins video content or audio content (to create structure).
  • 03:03 — ‘It’s important to understand the difference between good writing and someone who just strings sentences together.’ – Valerie Khoo
  • 03:27 — Why a good quality headline is absolutely critical to success as a writer
  • 05:52— Valerie Khoo’s view on the power of stories and how they can transform businesses
  • 07:31 — While data may be king, it’s the story that frames the data which makes a real impact.
  • 08:22 — “The data connects with the head, it’s actually stories that connect with the heart.” — Valerie Khoo on the power of stories
  • 10:20 — Storytelling is part of our DNA and has played a key role in transfer of knowledge (and survival of our species) through generations.
  • 11:54 — How the internet has made us a lot less discerning about our storytelling skills
  • 13:07 — “When you get someone’s attention, it’s important to treat it with the respect it deserves.” – Ash Roy
  • 13:39 — Biggest challenges to get started with writing and creating contents
  • 14:24 — “Everyone can write. Absolutely, everyone can write.” — Valerie Khoo
  • 15:52 — If you want to have a copywriter, hire them on an ongoing basis so they can get to know your business, it’s voice and values.
  • 16:40 — Why it’s a good idea to avoid ‘weasel words’ and MBA speak when writing
  • 17:40 — When it comes to writing, simplicity is key. Clarity trumps cleverness every time.
  • 18:42 — What business owners often don’t realise is that they have decades of experience to draw upon when it comes to writing a book about their area of expertise.
  • 19:49 — The secrets to writing faster and more effectively (and overcoming writer’s block)
  • 21:06 — How to use mind maps to write more effectively
  • 23:09 — Ash’s favorite mind mapping tool at the moment: iThoughtsX
  • 23:50 — Action steps you can take to get you going with your writing habit
  • 24:29 — The importance of journaling when it comes to building a writing habit
  • 29:20 — The 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business (your passion story, your business story, your customer story and more)
  • 31:24 — The most common mistakes people make on their about page and how to write it in the most effective way
  • 32:58 — Books that had biggest impact on Valerie and why
  • 34:28 — How Valerie Khoo actually reads books by various authors
  • 35:40 — Valerie Khoo’s view on book summary services like Blinkist
  • 37:44 — Tips and suggestions for business owners who are interested in writing a business book or getting a book published




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