057. Verve Search CEO Lisa Myers on Creative Content, Mindset And Her Favorite Star Wars Quote

December 15th, 2015 By: Ash

How To Sustainably Generate Creative Content, Develop an Awesome Mindset with Lisa Myers — CEO Of Verve Search Plus Her Favorite Star Wars Quote

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:38 — Intro and overview
  • 02:34 — Huge changes in Google’s algorithms and their effects on SEO marketing
  • 04:08 — “If everyone is drawing a cross, you need to draw a circle”- Lisa Myers
  • 06:31 — How to use creative content to grow your brand
  • 07:39 — The two strategies in creative content campaigns
  • 09:47 — If your content isn’t working you need to aim to create content that gets backlinks from higher quality sites (not lower quality sites)
  • 12:15 — Lisa describes Verve Search’s award winning content marketing campaign
  • 14:21 — A discussion on guest blogging as an SEO strategy and a business strategy
  • 16:10 — The biggest and most authoritative sites in the Norwegian market
  • 16:47 — The job of an SEO and content marketer is to be a labyrinth walker
  • 21:21 — The importance of research and how to use it to create great content
  • 23:48 — Rand Fishkin and his take on how to create high value shareable content
  • 24:22 — Trying to push content that people don’t need is a complete waste of time
  • 26:19 — Creating good creative content will cover many bases (SEO, PR, social media, etc..)
  • 28:44 — Creating content that doesn’t solve a problem is like building a house by holding a hammer
  • 29:43 — How to sustainably create epic high quality content
  • 33:43 — Creating good quality content does involve taking some calculated risks
  • 34:16 — Doing multiple small campaigns to ‘cover your bases’ is a highly risky strategy
  • 35:19 — The importance of trusting your instincts
  • 36:45 — Lisa Myer’s favorite Star Wars quote “Do or Do not – there is no try” – Yoda
  • 36:55 — Most common challenges people face when engaging in creative content
  • 42:39 — Lisa’s ‘rubber band’ theory when it comes to personal growth and recruitment
  • 45:55 — Action steps you can take right now
  • 46:26 — An thought experiment you can try right now
  • 47:40 — Books recommendations from Lisa Myers


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