057. Verve Search CEO <a href='/lisa-myers/'>Lisa Myers</a> on Creative Content, Mindset And Her Favorite Star Wars Quote

057. Verve Search CEO Lisa Myers on Creative Content, Mindset And Her Favorite Star Wars Quote

December 15th, 2015 By: Ash

How To Sustainably Generate Creative Content. Develop an Awesome Mindset with Lisa Myers, CEO of Verve Search, Plus Her Favorite Star Wars Quote

Lisa Myers is an expert in SEO and content marketing and was introduced to me by Rand Fishkin. She is the CEO of Verve Search and is an internationally respected search marketing expert. She’s won a number of prestigious awards, and in 2011, she won the Search Personality of the Year at the UK’s Search Awards and most recently, in the European Search Awards, they won the best SEO agency, the best content marketing campaign and the best Pan-European campaign. Verve’s unrivaled creativity and attention to detail have seen the company grow rapidly from a small team of passionate enthusiasts to an authoritative global service provided.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:38 — Intro and overview
  • 02:34 — Huge changes in Google’s algorithms and their effects on SEO marketing
  • 04:08 — “If everyone is drawing a cross, you need to draw a circle.”- Lisa Myers
  • 06:31 — How to use creative content to grow your brand
  • 07:39 — The two strategies in creative content campaigns
  • 09:47 — If your content isn’t working, you need to aim to create content that gets backlinks from higher quality sites (not lower quality sites).
  • 12:15 — Lisa describes Verve Search’s award-winning content marketing campaign.
  • 14:21 — A discussion on guest blogging as an SEO strategy and a business strategy
  • 16:10 — The biggest and most authoritative sites in the Norwegian market
  • 16:47 — The job of an SEO and content marketer is to be a labyrinth walker.
  • 21:21 — The importance of research and how to use it to create great content
  • 23:48 — Rand Fishkin and his take on how to create high-value shareable content
  • 24:22 — Trying to push content that people don’t need is a complete waste of time.
  • 26:19 — Creating good creative content will cover many bases (SEO, PR, social media, etc..).
  • 28:44 — Creating content that doesn’t solve a problem is like building a house by holding a hammer.
  • 29:43 — How to sustainably create epic high-quality content
  • 33:43 — Creating good quality content does involve taking some calculated risks.
  • 34:16 — Doing multiple small campaigns to ‘cover your bases’ is a highly risky strategy.
  • 35:19 — The importance of trusting your instincts
  • 36:45 — Lisa Myer’s favorite Star Wars quote: “Do or Do not – there is no try.” – Yoda
  • 36:55 — Most common challenges people face when engaging in creative content
  • 42:39 — Lisa’s ‘rubber band’ theory when it comes to personal growth and recruitment
  • 45:55 — Action steps you can take right now
  • 46:26 — A thought experiment you can try right now
  • 47:40 — Book recommendations from Lisa Myers

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