014. Facebook Advertising With Keith Kranc and <a href='/keith-kranc-ralph-burns/'>Ralph Burns</a> (Part 1)

014. Facebook Advertising With Keith Kranc and Ralph Burns (Part 1)

April 8th, 2015 By: Ash

Ralph Burns and Keith Krance on
Facebook Advertising (Part 1)

Ralph Burns the managing partner at Dominate Web Media which helps businesses scale marketing through Facebook Advertising. Ralph along with his partner Keith Krance manage a portfolio of Facebook advertising clients exceeding four million dollars per year. Ralph is also the founder and CEO of Antares Enterprises, Inc. which is a Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Consulting firm and he’s involved in quite a few other online ventures.

Ralph and I met at the Super Fast Business Live Conference, and we had some exciting discussions including Facebook in general and retargeting using Facebook in particular. Ralph lives and works in the United States and has been featured on Digitalmarketer.com and Entrepreneur.com.

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Key Points discussed (with timestamps):

  • 1: 28 – What is facebook advertising?
  • 1:52  – A brief history of the evolution of facebook as a marketing platform
  • 9:20  – Facebook remarketing and custom audiences
  • 11:05  – Content amplification through Facebook
  • 14:01 – Why all business owners should see Facebook as a core part of their marketing strategy
  • 28:45 – How to get started with facebook advertising
  • 35:41  – Common obstacles to getting started with facebook advertising (and how to overcome them)
  • 40:18 – What actions can you take right now to get started with facebook advertising?

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