061. Why Attention Is The New Currency — With Kevin Rogers

January 16th, 2016 By: Ash

Why Attention Is The New Currency & The 4 Things You NEED To Make A Sale — With Kevin Rogers


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Key Points (Timestamps)

00:52 — Intro and overview

01:57— Why copywriting is critical to converting browsers to buyers

03:30 — The value of transparency

05:20 — New expectation: How real can you make this?

08:10 — Kevin’s take on the evolution of copywriting in the next 3-5 years

09:20 — Three main elements a sales letter needs to close the deal

11:30 — Attention is the new currency online.

13:00 — Simple framework for “What is it?”

14:56 — Short attention span syndrome

16:12 — Formulas for filling in your “Who are you?”

17:06 — Ash’s “Who are you?” example

19:08 — The scale of severity:

  • Red alert
  • Yellow light
  • Green light

20:40 — Dollar shave club and how they created a desire for a problem to be solved

21:07 — Most of us create products in the ‘yellow light’ section of the ‘scale of severity’.

23:46 — The most popular content online always begins with a number… “7ways to…”

25:41 — The importance of quantification in sales letters

26:30 — How Frank Kern uses transparency in his copy

27:50 — “The thing I care more about than money and the sale is not going to jail!”

28:12 — Why Danny Iny asked his subscribers to unsubscribe from his mailing list

29:21 — Recap of 4 main points to close the sales loop

31:30 — Kevin’s case study “Ye Old Digital Prints” on an Etsy store

34:39 — The four essential elements of a good sales message illustrated in a case study

36:21 — Where the sixty-second sales hook fits into the four essential elements of sales copy

36:31 — Biggest challenges Kevin has seen when it comes to creating effective sales copy

38:20 — How we communicate is different… “get to the point…cut out all the fluff”.

39:10 — The biggest enemy of sales copy is vagueness and the best friend of sales copy is specificity and urgency.

39:28 — Action steps you can take to create great sales copy right now

42:55 — How to hire a good copywriter with Kevin Rogers

44:29 — Kevin Rogers’ most influential books

48:00 — How to get in touch with Kevin

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