056. Specific Strategies On High-Value Content Creation — With Dana Ditomaso from Kick Point

December 7th, 2015 By: Ash

Dana Ditomaso On Kick Point’s Specific Strategies For High-Value Content Creation

Dana Ditomaso is an expert in search engine optimisation and content marketing, and she was introduced to me by Rand Fishkin. She’s a partner at Kick Point Marketing. She helps turnaround a lot of marketing BS into real strategies to grow your business. She specialises in helping clients make the most out of every marketing dollar, and a number one goal is to help you to achieve your business goals. She’s spoken at MOSCON, SearchLove, SearchFest and a lot of other leading events relating to search and search engine optimisation.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:46 — Intro and overview
  • 01:53 — Where Google is headed in terms of ranking SEO and content
  • 02:47 — Dana Ditomaso from Kick Point shares her view on content.
  • 03:14 — People often fail to do audience research before planning content.
  • 03:42 —Kick Point client case study
  • 05:47 — Google Now – your concierge to content
  • 08:57 — How content can improve the quality of your brand
  • 09:18 — A local tactic for digital strategies that Kick Point implements for client brand building
  • 10:14 — One useful business tool to get to know your local media and grow your brand
  • 11:23 — Advice for networking events
  • 11:56 — A good test to decide whether or not to publish content
  • 12:38 — How to overcome challenges with content creation
  • 13:09 — The content process Kick Point uses with clients
  • 14:12 — Dana Ditomaso shares her take on audio and video content.
  • 15:26 — To get comfortable with the content, you need to try different things.
  • 16:02 — How to repurpose your content
  • 16:42 — Should you be worried about repetition of content when repurposing video to audio?
  • 17:31 — Muck Rack’s value for businesses in countries outside the US
  • 18:20 — Ash’s key action items to improve your content
  • 19:39 — Does your city have a Media Tweet Up? It’s a great way to meet your local media!
  • 22:16 — Understand your audience and SOLVE problems with your content!
  • 23:02 — A simple content strategy you can use to create useful content
  • 23:17 — How you can get in touch with Dana Ditomaso from Kick Point
  • 23:49 — Wrap up and key takeaways
  • 25:18 — Related podcast episodes


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