082. How To Use Google Display Network Or GDN To Maximise Your Advertising ROI With Mike Rhodes

June 22nd, 2016 By: Ash

How To Use Google Display Network Or GDN To Maximise Your Advertising ROI With Mike Rhodes

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 02:42 – Introduction and Overview
  • 04:44 – Mike Rhodes shares his mindset within his digital marketing agency.
  • 07:51 – Why Google Display Network is critical to business growth
  • 09:30 – Mike Rhodes explains Google Adsense program.
  • 11:25 – The difference between Facebook and Google display network ads
  • 13:16 – “Display is interruption marketing.” – Mike Rhodes
  • 15:05 – A – B Testing: Large part of the being a successful advertiser
  • 17:32 – “Sending traffic to landing page that is not tested is a crime against humanity.” – Avinash Kaushik
  • 18:13 – Ash Roy talks about Mark Bouris’ Understanding Your Business Purpose Principle.
  • 19:05 – Mini Case study – The impact the letter “S” can make to your ads
  • 20:35 – You can’t trust your gut, you need to run tests on your ads.
  • 21:50 – Facebook understands its audience’s likes and dislikes better than Google.
  • 22:30 – How Google In-Market Targeting works
  • 24:40 – “Privacy is gone, privacy is dead, privacy does not exist anymore.” – Mike Rhodes
  • 26:01 – “People go to Google to solve a problem, Google wants to make the experience as easy as possible.” – Eric Enge
  • 28:31 – Mike Rhodes shares a secret around the future of Google Display Ads.
  • 31:19 – Behavioral targeting becomes a much bigger part of the future in Google Display Network.
  • 32:44 – Re-marketing marketing is the most talked about behavioral targeting.
  • 33:27 – How Google Geolocation marketing works
  • 34:36 – The 4 horsemen (of the information economy):
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
  • 37:09 – How to reduce Amazon’s chances of crushing your eCommerce business
  • 39:04 –  The challenges around Google’s display network:
    • Set up
    • Fraud
    • Lack of understanding of how GDN works
    • Knowing where and how to start
    • Getting caught in your assumptions
  • 43:21 – Hire a GDN marketing agency that doesn’t try to game the system.
  • 44:07 – How Google addresses the issue of individuals gaming the system
  • 47:12 – Mike Rhodes’ steps on how to overcome issues with Google display network
  • 48:30 – The great benefit of using GDN over SEO
  • 49:34 – Ash Roy’s advice when you are getting started with GDN
  • 51:05 – Action steps listeners can take from this episode
  • 51:43 – How Google Display Planner tool helps you discover your display network
  • 53:52 – Books that have significant impact on Mike Rhodes and why
  • 56:29 – How listeners can find out more about Mike Rhodes
  • 58:31 – Wrap up and Thank you

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