069. How To Use Cloud Computing For Business Success With Peter Moriarty

March 18th, 2016 By: Ash

Peter Moriarty On How To Use Cloud Computing To Increase Business Productivity

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 01:14 — Intro and overview
  • 02:08 — Peter Moriarty and Ash discuss why Cloud Computing is so important in business today.
  • 03:16 — Peter Moriarty explains how cloud computing evolved and how it’s revolutionising the way we interact with our devices.
  • 04:27 — Ash Roy discusses how cloud-based SAAS (software as a service) can be an uber successful business model if you can solve a business problem.
  • 05:11 — Google apps are being used by over 5 million organisations around the world.
  • 06:26 — Is Google planning to grow their two billion-dollar Google apps division into a larger proportion of their $60 billion business?
  • 06:45 — The reality is that google needs to diversify!
  • 07:14 —  Facebook is starting to steal (search) market share from Google through very targeted search capability.
  • 07:49 — How google is changing their structure and is building new divisions to support its future direction
  • 09:27 — How google is trying to embed themselves into lives and businesses and take the position of the utility provider
  • 10:25 — A brief discussion on Facebook’s basic service in India
  • 11:01 — How Google is facilitating access to talent in other markets and providing the opportunity to take advantage of geo-arbitrage
  • 12:33 —  A working definition of “cloud computing”
  • 13:07 — How cloud computing removes points of operational risk in your business
  • 15:58 — Case study: How google apps freed Michael from the constraints of time or location and enabled him to live in France for a year!
  • 17:26 — A reality check on our geo-arbitrage obsession – It’s not a panacea for all productivity challenges.
  • 18:44 — What are the biggest challenges when it comes to adopting cloud computing in your business?
  • 19:27 — Who truly owns your data when it’s in ‘the cloud’? Is the custodian really the owner?
  • 20:41 — Why Apple is fighting the FBI so aggressively on opening the ‘back door’ to their software
  • 23:53 — Do I need to have a gmail address if I move to google interface for my business? Or can I still use my business email address?
  • 24:37 — Why it’s important to get an expert into your business to handle the transition to google apps (your time is worth a lot of money)
  • 25:17 — A cool little trick to work out your hourly effective rate (the 80 20 rule reversed)
  • 26:51 — Three actions that business owners can take to transition their business (and mindset) into cloud computing
  • 29:35 — Peter Moriarty suggests we should beware of IT consultants that are anti-google (arguments against installing google apps are usually about self-preservation).
  • 27:42 — Learn google apps to get help in your business and how
  • 30:54 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Peter Moriarty and why
  • 32:57 — Peter Moriarty shares the secret on how to manage your inbox emails.
  • 35:49 — How to get in touch with Peter Moriarty
  • 36:25 — Wrap up


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