015. Google Adwords Success Secrets Revealed! With Mike Rhodes

April 13th, 2015 By: Ash

Mike Rhodes and I discuss Google Adwords Success Secrets!

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Google Adwords : Key Points discussed (with timestamps)

1:05 – A brief glimpse at Mike’s journey to becoming a world authority on google Adwords

Mike Rhodes cropped6:12 – Two rules to succeed online

11:18 – Why headlines are important in google ads

13:27 – Google Adwords, defined.

16:31 – How Adwords contribute to business success

21:45 – Re-marketing, explained.

24:41 – “We use Google because we find what we want.”

24:50 – “If you play the game the Google wants you to play, they will give you essential mates rates.” (How to get Google Adwords’ ‘mate rates’)

26:04 – Google Adwords is all about split testing.

26:41 – Re-marketing by tagging group of people

31:15 – “I want to target my ad based on the behavior that somebody took on my website.” (Behavioral targeting)

34:10 – How Google Adwords works for your business

35:46 – Build your business on paid traffic.

36:20 – Dependent of free traffic is not a good business model.

39:54 – Customer case study

41:21 – The jobs to be done framework

42:11 – How to get started with Google Adwords (Re-marketing is a great place to start.)

49:20 – Key challenges on getting started with Google Adwords and how to overcome them

51:36 – Quick actions you can take to get started with Google Adwords

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