026. Survey Funnel Formula with Ryan Levesque – How to Ask Your Way to Profit

June 11th, 2015 By: Ash

Survey Funnel Formula with Ryan Levesque – How to Ask Your Way to Profit

Ryan Levesque is the author of the new book, Ask. Ryan uses the power of questions to help build a multi-million dollar business o multi-million dollar businesses in 17 different industries generating over a hundred million dollars in sales in the process. Today he and his teams are consultation and implementation services to entrepreneurs and businesses at all levels. Ryan is the founder of surveyfunnel.com and The Ask Formula which is an incredible resource for companies to have to help develop deep engagement for their customers. Ryan also has the background in business and has been educated in an IV League Institution, so he comes very well qualified.

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Key Points / Timestamps:

  • 3:19 – Why Ask Formula is Important to Businesses
  • 6:14 – Two Types of Questions That People Are Good at Answering
  • 8:39  – “Our minds are much better equipped to fixate on problems or challenges we run into rather than inventing solutions.”
  • 11:39 – iPhone Case Study – What problem does the iPhone solve?
  • 13:49 – The Ask Formula in a Nutshell
  • 14:06 – Step 1 of Ask Formula: Prepare (The Deep-dive Survey)
  • 16:05 – Podcasting case study to create ‘buckets’
  • 16:47 – Step 2:  Persuade (The Permanent Micro-commitment Bucket Survey)
  • 20:37 – Step 3: Segment
  • 21:33 – Deep-dive Survey in detail
  • 22:27 – “The depth of response is more important than frequency of response.”
  • 22:33 – How to Measure the Depth of Response using Force Multiplier
  • 24:40 – Why a Phone Number matters so much
  • 27:43 – Step 4: Prescribe
  • 28:41 – Technical Shiny Object Syndrome
  • 30:04 – Step 5: Profit
  • 31:01 – The one-click upsell process
  • 33:58 – Step 6: Pivot
  • 34:03 – The “Do you hate me?” survey
  • 36:29 – Common Challenges with Implementing the “Ask Formula” (and how to overcome them)
  • 39:11 – Actions to Take to Get Started with the “Ask Formula”
  • 40:32 – How to Get a F-R-E-E Physical Copy of the book “Ask” (limited to 50 copies only)

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