080. [Case Study] From $0K – $10K In Six Weeks Without Spending A Cent On Traditional Advertising

080. [Case Study] From $0K – $10K In Six Weeks Without Spending A Cent On Traditional Advertising

June 3rd, 2016 By: Ash

[Case Study] From $0K To $10K In Six Weeks Without Spending A Cent On Traditional Advertising


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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 02:35 – Introduction and Overview
  • 05:00 – Amanda Farmer shares a story on how she started online marketing.
  • 07:14 – Thinking outside the box: A key to success in today’s world
  • 08:18 – Amanda explains her business before engaging Ash to help with her online strategy.
  • 10:01 – The benefits of being an influencer in your niche
  • 10:40 – How podcasting helped Amanda Farmer position herself very quickly as an authority in Strata Law
  • 11:40 – Stage fright can be a key obstacle to getting started with podcasting.
  • 13:17 – How to increase your confidence as a podcast host
  • 15:32 – Tips on how to create a powerful brand
  • 17:21 – Ash Roy recaps the key steps he and Amanda Farmer took to set up her podcast.
  • 17:47 – Why outsourcing your podcast set up and on-going editing makes perfect sense
  • 19:44 – Understanding your audience avatar as the first step in outlining your online marketing strategy
  • 20:57 – The benefits of seeking professional online marketing advice
  • 22:29 – Amanda Farmer shares the excellent results that her podcast — Your Strata Property — delivered to her business.
  • 23:29 – Amanda Farmer explains the enormous impact that podcasting had on her business over just six weeks. 
  • 24:07 – Why it is important to consistently give away valuable content to your subscribers
  • 25:21 – How podcasting helped Amanda Farmer build and nurture relationships with key stakeholders in the Strata industry
  • 27:27 – Podcasting is a fabulous way for women to forge ahead in a male dominated industry.
  • 29:30 – A podcast is the most convenient and easiest form of content to consume.
  • 30:48 – How Ash Roy helped Amanda Farmer overcome her challenges in setting up her podcast and producing new episodes each week
  • 33:18 – How to quickly create a blog post from a podcast episode
  • 33:41 – Outsourcing gives you more head space and time to come up with solutions and strategies.
  • 34:48 –  Ash Roy and  Amanda Farmer recap key actions listeners can take from this episode.
  • 36:36 – Books that have a significant impact to Amanda Farmer and why
  • 38:03 – How listeners can find out more about Amanda Farmer
  • 38:57 – Wrap up and Thank you

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