067. <a href='/139/'>Matthew Kimberley</a> On How To Use Public Speaking To Grow Your Leads

067. Matthew Kimberley On How To Use Public Speaking To Grow Your Leads

February 29th, 2016 By: Ash

Public Speaking For Profitable Lead Gen With Matthew Kimberley

Matthew Kimberley from matthewkimberley.com is an expert at profitable lead generation and is also the author of the self-help classic; How to Get a Grip. He’s an excellent speaker and is described by our common friend, James Shramko as being one of the best speakers he’s ever heard.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:52 — Intro and overview
  • 01:16 — Why public speaking is such a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation
  •  05:00 — Public speaking can move the audience in many more ways than any other medium.
  • 05:03 — “It’s not particularly efficient, but it is incredibly effective.” Matthew Kimberley on public speaking
  • 09:13 — “When people pay, they pay attention.” Matthew Kimberley
  • 10:23 — You don’t have to be a natural speaker to be a good public speaker but it certainly helps if you enjoy basking in the limelight.
  • 12:44 — When you get on stage as a public speaker, you’ve got to deliver on the promise you make.
  • 13:44 — What we mean by the term “delivering on the promise” as a speaker
  • 14:03 — The importance of having a big idea and a big promise as a public speaker as taught by Michael Port and Amy Port (Heroic Public Speaking)
  • 15:53 — You have to meet your audience where they are as a public speaker.
  • 16:05 — Empathy is very important to be a successful public speaker.
  • 18:44 — Why Matthew Kimberley believes that TED speakers could dramatically improve their talks if they added better delivery to their “expert” talks as speakers
  • 19:58 — The difference between selling and performing on stage while public speaking
  • 20:32 — There are certain buttons you need to push to sell during your presentation to get people into the buying mode:
    • Get a series of small commitments leading to a greater commitment
    • Create Urgency
    • Create Scarcity
    • Provide Social proof
    • Take people on a journey
    • Train your audience
  • 23:00 — How magnetic messaging can actually attract the right audience and repel the wrong audience
  • 26:31 — How to become a better public speaker and specific actions you can take to improve your speaking
  • 27:53 — Find a great teacher who is an expert at public speaking
    • Do directed rehearsals
    • Don’t have more than 2-3 presentations at any one time
    • Study improvisation
    • How to address audience questions
    • Learn how to stand on stage
    • Don’t rehearse in front of a mirror
    • Do rehearse in front of a group of people
    • Get your script reviewed by a script consultant or copywriter
    • Rehearse your presentation so you know it backwards
    • Rehearse your material over and over
    • Analyse your own past presentations to learn from them
    • Read books on storytelling
    • Read books on sales
    • Attend webinars on how to become a better speaker
  • 34:24 — The biggest challenges people face when it comes to becoming a good speaker and how to overcome them
  • 36:33 — It’s important to make a big promise and over deliver as a public speaker.
  •  38:06 — You’ve got to know your material inside out when public speaking.
  • 39:13 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Matthew and why
  • 42:27 — How listeners can find out more about Matthew Kimberley

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