068. How To Create Sales Funnels And Lead Magnets That Work With Aaron Fletcher

March 7th, 2016 By: Ash

Aaron Fletcher on How To Create Sales Funnels And Lead Magnets That Actually Work!


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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:39 — Intro and overview
  • 01:09 — Aaron Fletcher and Ash Roy discuss the value of sales funnels and lead magnets.
  • 02:03 — Why it’s important to listen to podcasts for business success
  • 03:28 — Why most business owners don’t monetize
  • 07:00 — Often, the best thing for entrepreneurs to do is to go on an “Information Diet”.
  • 08:06 — What strategy as a business owner are you executing with ferocity?
  • 10:50 — How to approach the lead magnet creation process and why a lead magnet is so important
  • 12:06— The 2 things that make all the difference in the world when it comes to building a successful business
  • 14:57 — “Websites are one of the least important parts of business success.” — Aaron Fletcher
  • 16:30 — The two forces you are always competing against in marketing
  • 18:08 — Three reasons why walking your prospects through the lead magnet on the thank you page is valuable
  • 18:38 — How to get leads via facebook for a very low lead acquisition cost while increasing your webinar leads
  • 20: 56 — Your customer’s value map is the ultimate form of empathy.
  • 21:52 — “Delivery systems will always change.” — Aaron Fletcher
  • 23:20 — Every marketing message must have three things:
    • a metric
    • a timeline
    • a transformational outcome / why
  • 27:30 — The one-page funnel framework and why that works
  • 28:27 — What are the biggest and common challenges when it comes to sales funnels and how to overcome them?
  • 29:31 — Outsource 100% of the tasks but 0% of your strategy.
  • 30:05 — Why it’s important to do and understand the task before outsourcing it
  • 31:55 — “Your success is measured on the number of ‘Build-Measure-Learn cycles’.” — Aaron Fletcher
  • 33:43 — “Simple” doesn’t mean easy.
  • 34:58 — It’s a good idea to spend no more than 15% on planning and 85% of your time on execution.
  • 35:58 — How to create a swipe file to build a library of the top sales funnels in the world!
  • 37:18 — Key actions you can take from this podcast:
    • Keep things simple
    • Persist with your strategy
    • Get clear on your audience’s problem with your lead magnet
    • Don’t assume your website is the be-all and end-all
    • Build measure and learn cycles
  • 38:44 — How Aaron Fletcher struggled with the imposter syndrome and how he overcame it
  • 39:38 — Building 99% of your funnel with no shopping cart is the same as 0%.
  • 38:58 — Aaron graciously offers his lead Magnet video to us. Thank you Aaron!
  • 43:22 — The one thing you can never recover in life is time.
  • 44:37 — Look at the opportunity cost of your client not working with you and derive your hourly rate from that value!
  • 45:32 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Aaron Fletcher and why
  • 49:41 — How listeners get in touch with Aaron

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