134. The Secret To A Successful Rebranding Campaign With Suzi Dafnis

July 17th, 2017 By: Ash

Suzi Dafnis on The Secret To A Successful Rebranding Campaign

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Key Points and Insights

  • 5:11 – Why branding is important to your business?
    • Why brand strategy is an important part of your business strategy?
  • 7:47 – The importance of grabbing domain names with the .com Getting both .com.au (ccTLD – country code Top Level Domains) and .com (gTLD – generic Top Level Domain)
  • 9:44 – Should a small business be brand conscious?
  • 13:26 – Brand personality and Brand consistency
  • 14:07 – Personal brands vs Business brands (should you promote your personal brand or your business brand)?
  • 17:36 – Consistency of results
  • 18:17 – Branding identity portfolios
  • 21:50 – Rebranding (from) AustralianBusinessWomenNetwork.com to HerBusiness.com
  • 24:33 – Factors to consider when rebranding
  • 31:49 – Summary / recap of key insights
  • Actions and Insights
    • 33:32 – Don’t over think your brand
    • 33:53 – The brand should call out the audience or the product or both
    • 34:54 – A good brand attracts the right people AND repels the wrong people
    • 35:03 – If you are trying to say everything to everyone you will end up saying nothing to anyone
    • 35:24 – A brand / product should call out a solution to the problem the audience is facing (your products should aim to solve your target audience’s problem)
    • 36:26 – Clarity always trumps cleverness when it comes to content

Key Points to Consider when Rebranding

  • Know the purpose of your business
  • Identify your target market
  • Know how you want your business to be perceived

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