128. International News Anchor — Julie MacDonald — And I Discuss Actionable Strategies Around Using Authenticity To Build An Enduring Business Brand

May 23rd, 2017 By: Ash

Julie MacDonald (International News Anchor) — & I Discuss Actionable Strategies Around Using Authenticity To Build An Enduring Business Brand

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Key Points and Insights

  • 03:00 Why is authenticity in the media so critical in terms of building a strong business brand and online presence?
  • 04:06 Despite recent technological advances, we still live in a ‘tribal’ world online
  • 09:52 Keep it simple
  • 10:09 Be Human
  • 11:27 The sales process
  • 12:45 Explanation made fascinating
  • 15:57 Actions steps
  • 15:09 Human communication
  • 16:30 Meeting your customer when they are on their journey
  • 18:00 Listen to your customers
  • 18:25 Understand the goals of your business?
  • 18:36 Who are you and what is your story?
  • 19:50 What value do you offer?
  • 23:40 Understanding your customer
  • 24:42 Problem-solving
  • 25:25 Unity is important
  • 27:16 Biggest challenges that people face in building a brand
  • 29:15 How does a CEO stay authentic and tell the truth despite challenging circumstances?
  • 33:45 Specific actions to increase brand authenticity and align your brand with your values?
  • 40:00 Action steps to get you started
  • 46:40 Tell the story in the organization first
  • 49:47 Book/s that had a big impact on you and why?
  • 53:44 Message from Julie

Four Steps to Storytelling

  • Get clear by listening to your audience
  • Decide on your goals
  • Get clear on your values
  • Tell stories

Action Steps

  • Keep it simple.
  • Understand that storytelling is about listening first and talking later.


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