054. The 3 Keys to Community Building, Authenticity & Long Term Business Success — With Mackenzie Fogelson

November 20th, 2015 By: Ash

Mackenzie Fogelson from Mack Web on The 3 Keys to Community Building & Long-Term Business Success

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:51 — Intro and overview
  • 01:48 — Community building is critical to business success in the modern age.
  • 03:52 — People want to be connected and to have a sense of belonging with others.
  • 04:10 — Businesses need to challenge themselves to be more authentic and human.
  • 06:40 — This is the time for small businesses, they have the advantage.
  • 07:42 — Nike, the evolution of the company and their current approach to advertising
  • 08:55 — Apple’s community building approach — Self-identification
  • 11:00 — What do businesses need to possess to build great communities?
  • 12:17 — Three most important areas of focus for businesses that are looking to build great communities. Communities don’t form around companies but rather around:
    • Shared purpose (over profit)
    • Authenticity
    • Passion
  • 15:00 — “Start with Why.” — Simon Sinek’s youtube video
  • 15:32 — Prioritizing MEANING beyond money as an approach with a view to longevity
  • 16:18 — Cause marketing and Purpose marketing – Max Lenderman
  • 18:05 — Global Study by Conan Wolfe – Sixty-three percent (63%) of consumers would rather buy from companies that they consider to be authentic.
  • 20:13 — Ash’s action step sneak peak
  • 20:44 — Mackenzie’s Recommended Links for listeners
  • 21:37 — Case study: 100% lead growth from Mac Web
  • 26:70 — Why community building is critical to retention strategies
  • 26:52 — Case study: Sears-Roebuck value profit chain (EDIT ME)
  • 29:24 — Useful tool for reference – “The Balanced Scorecard
  • 29:26 — Most common challenges businesses face with community building
  • 31:42 — Why engagement is important when it comes to community building
  • 34:06 — How social proof works to grow your business and brand
  • 34:57 — Action section
    • Focus on depth of connection rather numbers and volume
    • Think about purpose before profit
    • Think about the value you bring to the table in the context of their lives
    • Evaluate your intention (focus on the customer’s needs)
    • Focus on brand goals versus revenue goals
  • 40:16 — Robbie Baxter Podcast reference (Would you like to include this?)
  • 40:24 — The books that have had the biggest impact on Mackenzie and why
  • 42:28 — How to get in contact with Mackenzie and Mack Web Solutions
  • 42:37 — Wrap up, key takeaways and related podcast episodes


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