063. Shane And Jocelyn Sams On How To Set Up A Recurring Income Business Using Membership Sites

January 29th, 2016 By: Ash

Shane And Jocelyn Sams On How To Set Up A Recurring Income Business Using Membership Sites

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:49 — Intro and overview
  • 02:02 — Shane and Jocelyn Sams’ take on the importance of recurring income
  • 03:09 — Hunting vs. Farming, an analogy for the Launch Model vs the Retention Model
  • 04:00 — The incredible insight of Shane & Jocelyn Sams from @flippedls in year 2 of their online business
  • 04:49 — Lumpy income makes your business less saleable.
  • 05:30 — Why @flippedls likes the future Income Report – Infusionsoft
  • 06:28 — Growth rate comparison – Launch Model vs. Recurring Income Model
  • 07:38 — Why your mindset has to change with the recurring revenue mindset
  • 09:09 — How to set up a recurring income business and lessons @flipppedls learned
  • 10:50 — How much content do you need to start a membership site?
  • 11:52 — The surprising truth about @flippedls when they started their membership site
  • 13:10 — A good case study on creating a membership business with @flippedls
  • 14:51 — How many members must you have before you decide to launch your membership forum?
  • 15:23 — How much time do you need to spend in membership forums?
  • 16:58 — How do you grow your #membership forum just after launch?
  • 17:30 — Your #membership forum is only ghost town if you let it be
  • 19:21 — @flipppedls have systems in place to ensure they’re driving content back to forums
  • 20:22 — Be careful not to mislead your audience. Are you a personal brand or a #business brand?
  • 23:23 — Are Facebook groups a good place to test #membership forum ideas?
  • 25:17 — Why Shane Sams from @flippedls doesn’t focus too much on #socialmedia
  • 27:56 — You pay with money or time but either way you pay #business.
  • 28:33 — What’s your effective hourly rate and are you ripping yourself off? @flippedls #business
  • 29:31 — How to use your effective hourly rate as a yardstick for deciding on your tasks and #business
  • 30:06 — Most common challenges people face with creating #membership business
  • 32:00 — How do you decide how much to charge for #membership business?
  • 34:31 — What actions can you take to get your #membership site set up with @flippedls?
  • 35:40 — The goal of the #membership model is to create forever customers.
  • 36:36 — The books that have impacted Shane and Jocelyn Sams from @flippedls
  • 40:36 — How to get in touch with Shane and Jocelyn from @flippedls
  • 41:46 — Final thoughts on #membership models and #recurring income


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