055. Ezra Firestone on How To Use Ecommerce To Take Your Business From Six Figures To Seven

December 2nd, 2015 By: Ash

How To Use Ecommerce To Take Your Business From Six Figures To Seven — With Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone is the founder and creative director of smartmarketer.com, an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. He’s also a leading authority in the e-commerce space and runs a private network of e-commerce websites. He regularly consults with companies across the United States and Canada. He’s the head of We Are Family Manhattan, a non-profit organization that and redistributes surplus goods and food to those in need.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 1:40 — Intro and overview
  • 2:33 — Ecommerce, defined.
  • 4:44 — The future of ecommerce –‘integrated social commerce’
  • 5:20 — Should your business embrace ecommerce?
  • 5:50 — Why the millennial generation will be the driving force of economies around the world
  • 6:29 — Most common challenges getting started with ecommerce and how to overcome them
  • 7:16 — Some ideas to source products for ecommerce
  • 8:16 — Actions steps you can take to use ecommerce to take a 6-figure to a 7-figure business
  • 8:36 — Focus on the promise before you focus on the product.
  • 9:08 — Pick one visibility source (e.g. joint ventures, facebook advertising) and become an expert.
  • 10:00 — Ezra’s approach to using content to engage customers
  • 11:08 — Retargeting campaigns via facebook is a good option to drive people to your solution.
  • 11:26 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Ezra and why
  • 12:44 — Having intention versus holding intention is an important thing to understand for entrepreneurs.
  • 13:32 — Ezra’s advice for entrepreneurs and moving on when things aren’t working
  • 14:00 — How to get in contact with Ezra and closing comments
  • 14:34 — “The key to success is consistency!” — Ezra Firestone
  • 15:01 — Ezra will be speaking at Superfast Business Live in Sydney Australia in March 2016.
  • 15:34 — Ash’s key takeaways from this episode
  • 16:41— Related podcast episodes

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