028. How To Use Pull Selling To Grow Your Business – with Dan Dobos

June 17th, 2015 By: Ash

How To Use Pull Selling To Grow Your Business – with Dan Dobos

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In this podcast, Dan and I talk about the subtleties of selling. We focus on a “pull” selling system which is designed to attract clients to you rather than the traditional sales approach where products and services are foisted onto the customer.

Key Points / Timestamps

  • 1:40 – Dan’s view of Push Selling vs. Pull Selling
  • 2:49 – What’s Pull Selling?
  • 3:41 – The Three Levels of Specificity
  • 7:06 – The Concept of Reciprocity
  • 9:21 – How to Get Started with Pull Selling Model
  • 12:31 – Being Transparent in Your Businesses: Letting the People Know the Constraints
  • 15:03 – A Case Study:  Story of a Locksmith
  • 18:54 – On Meeting Your Customer
  • 23:10 – On Understanding the Problem
  • 24:31 – The Concept of “the Product is an Obstacle”
  • 28:05 – Books that Influence Dan to Take His Businesses to the Next Level
  • 30:08 – How listeners can get in contact with Dan

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