079. How To Use “Crowd Thinking” To Launch Your Membership Site

May 27th, 2016 By: Ash

How To Use ‘Crowd Thinking’ To Launch Your Membership Site

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 00:50 – Introduction and Overview
  • 06:36 – Jarrod Robinson shares insights around how to build a prolific recurring business.
  • 04:43 – Your Effective Hourly Rate: The metric for deciding whether to do something or don’t do something
  • 06:56 – How the “Effective Hourly Rate” concept helped Jarrod Robinson decide which products to focus on
  • 08:11 – Jarrod Robinson explains how he invented his niche in phys ed training. 
  • 09:22- How Jarrod Robinson is using the recurring paid subscription model to develop a profitable and valuable training platform
  • 10:43 – Understanding your market as an important thing to consider in pricing
  • 11:23 – The kind of content that Jarrod has inside his recurring membership site
  • 12:16 – The discussion around the content within a membership site is probably more important than the content itself.
  • 12:36 – How much content you need before you start a recurring membership site
  • 14:14 – How the “Crowd Thinking” Model can be very effective in creating content within a membership site
  • 16:05 – The Product First vs Audience First approach, and the hybrid of the two approaches
  • 19:42 – Why selling lifetime memberships is a bad idea as opposed to recurring memberships
  • 20:25 – What’s the minimum viable audience for a successful membership community?
  • 21:27 – “The best way to own a niche is to invent it.” – Jarrod Robinson
  • 24:57 – How to decide which content to create in-house and which content creation to outsource for a membership site
  • 26:13 – How super users within a membership site can benefit by creating content within the membership site
  • 27:47  – How to deal with the issue of who “owns the content” within a membership site that is created by other members
  • 30:00 – How Jarrod Robinson decides on how polished his content should be
  • 31:31 – The key elements of a successful recurring income business
  • 32:55 – How to overcome the biggest challenges people face when starting a recurring income business
  • 33:51- Exactly why Jarrod Robinson believes that niching and focusing on specific results are the keys to his success
  • 37:21 – Why it’s important to understand how to apply Darren Rowse’s A and B avatar to the membership model
  • 41:55 – Ash Roy recaps key actions the listeners can take from this episode
  • 44:15 – Books that have a significant impact to Jarrod Robinson and why
  • 48:35 – How to find out more about Jarrod Robinson

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