135. Apps And How They Can Help Grow Your Business

July 24th, 2017 By: Ash

Jarrod Robinson on Emerging Technologies and How Apps Can Help Grow Your Business

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Key Points and Insights

  • 2:15 – How Jarrod started his business
  • 3:37 – Have an audience that is related to your business
  • 6:45 – Learn from your mistakes
  • 7:08 – Build a product that solves problem
  • 8:19 – Why business owners should consider having an app for their business?
  • 12:13 – Apps work better for Business to Consumer businesses
  • 16:16 – iTunes is the world’s 3rd largest search engine
  • 18:28 – Where to go if you want to build an app for your business
  • 19:29 – Augmented Reality
  • 20:05 – Augmented Reality and the deceptive phase
  • 22:58 – Customer experience and it’s importance to business success
  • 24:14 – How to decide which app is right for you
  • 27:45 – Biggest mistake around integrating apps into your business
  • 29:21 – What apps offer that websites don’t
  • 31:19 – Key take aways and action steps

Apps vs Websites

  • Apps use geo tagging and GPS technology
  • Apps use motion sensors on the devices within which they reside
  • Apps reduce ‘friction to access’ in terms of customer experience – they can deliver a much more flexible and immediate experience to your audience

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