165. How To Build A Self-Sustaining Business Using Marketing Automation — With <a href='/165/'>Carl Taylor</a>

165. How To Build A Self-Sustaining Business Using Marketing Automation — With Carl Taylor

September 3rd, 2018 By: Ash

How To Build a Self-Sustaining Business Using Marketing Automation – With Carl Taylor

Since 2010, Carl Taylor has been teaching the world how to stop dreaming and start achieving. After spending over $100,000 on his personal success and business education while under the age of 24, Carl transformed his life.

Starting his first business at age 15, Carl has gone on to start, buy and sell businesses in varying industries from Gift Baskets to Marketing. He continues to run businesses and Mentor entrepreneurs, young and old, helping them grow their businesses. Red Means Go! his first book was written in only 5 days and went to #1 New & Noteworthy Business Audiobooks in less than 4 weeks of release. Carl is a highly regarded and engaging speaker who is regularly asked to speak at events across Australia and the United States on topics of Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing, and Personal Growth.

Key Points and Insights:

  • 2:11 – Why marketing automation is critical to building a profitable business
  • 4:02 – Andre Chaperon explains how he uses automation sequences in Episode 140
  • 5:17 – The key building blocks that go into creating powerful marketing automation
  • 8:40 – “Don’t let the tail wag the dog” – Ash Roy
  • 9:57 – Is artificial Intelligence going to destroy humanity
  • 14:00 – The mission of the Automation Agency and where it’s headed in the future
  • 19:49 – Key challenges people face when getting started with marketing automation and how to overcome them
  • 21:44 – Important points to consider when automating your marketing
  • 23:12 – How to manage the “how” successfully
  • 24:59 – The hierarchy “What”, “who” and “how”
  • 25:46 – Action Steps you can take
  • 32:46 – How to get in touch with Carl Taylor
  • 33:49 – Carl Taylor‘s tips to make your business more environmentally friendly

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