140. <a href='/140/'>Andre Chaperon</a> — Email Marketing Genius And Creator of Auto Responder Madness

140. Andre Chaperon — Email Marketing Genius And Creator of Auto Responder Madness

September 12th, 2017 By: Ash

Email Marketing Genius (over 70% open rates) And Creator of Auto Responder Madness — Andre Chaperon

Andre Chaperon is an entrepreneur, an internet marketer, a writer, a creator, a teacher, and a student. He got fired on October 22, 2003, and has never had a boss since. He is a British citizen and a native of Durban South Africa who now lives in the rock of Gibraltar.

He is dyslexic.

He is a visionary who is fascinated with fonts and loves minimalist design. He is constantly been striving to simplify but he has been told that he has Amazon book ordering fetish.

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Key Points and Insights

  • 3:39 – Is email marketing dying? Open Rates and Click Through Rates on
  • 7:17 – Facebook Messenger and the future of Email Marketing
  • 10:03 – How to approach email marketing to achieve over 70% open rates
  • 14:02 – Open Loops and how they work in email marketing
  • 16:28 – The PS section of your email is valuable real estate when used correctly
  • 18:14 – The value of personal stories
  • 20:04 – Audience and the importance of empathy
  • 21:48 – The mindset you need to write consistently
  • 24:33 – Soap Opera Sequences (SOP) and Open Loops
  • 27:19 – Email Marketing Tools – Active Campaign vs Drip
  • 30:18 – Challenges around Email Marketing and how to solve them
  • 37:31 – Summary and key insights
  • 41:04 – Actions Steps

Action Steps

  • Be relevant to your audience.
  • Start!
  • Create engaging stories.

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