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153. Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Destroy Humanity? Find Out In This Conversation With Matthew Michaelwicz

January 12th, 2018 By: Ash

Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Destroy Humanity? Find Out In This Conversation With Matthew Michaelwicz

Matthew Michalewicz has more than 20 years of experience in starting and running high growth companies especially in the areas of predictive analysis and optimization. He’s currently the C.E.O. of Complexica, a provider of artificial intelligence software for optimizing sales and marketing activities and the Director of several ASX listed companies.

He’s also the author of several books including “Life in Half a Second”, Winning Credibility, Puzzle based learning, and Adaptive Business Intelligence.

Matthew’s established an “A-list” board of directors for his company NuTech solutions, which included world-renowned fraud expert and subject of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “Catch Me if You Can,” Frank Abagnale, and former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States.

His business achievements have been featured in numerous T.V. shows and publications including Time Magazine, Newsweek and Forbes.

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Key Points and Insights

  • 2:38 – What is Artificial Intelligence
  • 8:22 – Are machines going to destroy humanity?
  • 9:21 – How much progress has IBM’s Watson really made?
  • 11:23 – How Complexica helps businesses using artificial intelligence
  • 18:16 – How you can use Artificial Intelligence to grow your business and improve your life?

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