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144. Sonia Simone And I Discuss Net Neutrality And What You Can Do To Keep The Internet Free And Fair. Your Action Is Important

October 11th, 2017 By: Ash

Do You Take Your Internet For Granted? Sonia Simone And I Discuss Net Neutrality And How You Can Protect Your Online Freedom Before Its Too Late

Sonia Simone is one of the leading authorities when it comes to content marketing and creating high-value customer relationships. She is the co-founder of Copy Blogger and Chief Content Officer of Rain Maker Digital. She also just launched her own personal project, a blog called

In this episode we discuss important issues around net neutrality and how it ensures that we all have access to a free and fair internet. We talk about what you can do to protect your access to the free and fair internet before its too late.

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Key Points and Insights

  • 3:17 – Net Neutrality and why it matters to you right now
  • 11:19 – The Free Market Hypothesis is just a that — a hypothesis (to see it as anything else is flawed)
  • 14:15 – What Net Neutrality means to your business and why you need to pay attention
  • 15:30 – How a free internet rewards true innovation to surge past the behemoths and how it helped the likes of Facebook and Google become what they are today
  • 19:57 – What can you do about Net Neutrality as a business owner
  • 20:11 – Action Steps and Key Insights
  • 25:14 – The Mindset of independence explained and why it matters to you right now

Action Steps

  • Write to FCC
  • Contact your representatives and speak to them about your concerns
  • Vote for Internet Service Providers that support Net Neutrality
  • Stay informed
  • Follow
  • Be seen and be heard


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