062. Suzi Dafnis On How To Find Your Ideal Mentor And The Value Of Mentorship

January 21st, 2016 By: Ash

Suzi Dafnis Shares Her Thoughts On How To Find Your Ideal Mentor

Suzi Dafnis from abn.org.au is a friend and a very successful entrepreneur to the Productive Insights Podcast. She’s a passionate supporter and role model for women in business. She provides education, resources and mentoring to entrepreneurs so they can reach their full potential. She’s a blogger, a podcast host, a media commentator and a public speaker who’s presented at events all over the USA and Australia. She’s co-founded a boutique publishing company which has sold more than 1.2 million books including the longtime bestseller: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. She’s also the CEO of the Australian Business Women’s Network.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 01:02 — Intro and overview
  • 01:59 — Suzi Danfis’ story as an entrepreneur
  • 03:23 — Suzi Dafnis discusses the value of mentorship in business success.
  • 04:36 — How to distinguish between a coach and a mentor
  • 05:23 — Specific ways in which a mentor can help you grow your business
  • 07:04 — One of the most important things a mentor can give you in business
  • 07:58 — A mentor doesn’t have to be in your industry.
  • 09:18 — Suzi Dafnis’ mentoring structure at the Australian Business Women’s Network
  • 10:47 — What qualities to look for in a good mentor
  • 12:13 — How Suzi Dafnis found her mentor
  • 13:56 — Mentoring Case study #1, The Power of Mentoring
  • 16:07 — Mentoring Case study #2
  • 18:44 — Expectations of mentors that do not work when it comes to mentoring
  • 19:53 — A very important point to understand about working with a mentor
  • 21:02 — The importance of having clear agreements with a mentor
  • 22:11 — The most common challenges when it comes to finding a good mentor
  • 23:12 — How to get started with finding the right mentor for you
  • 25:31 — One action you can take right now towards finding your best mentor
  • 26:17 — Some more action steps you can take towards finding your mentor
  • 26:42 — Books that have had the biggest impact on Suzi Dafnis and why
  • 29:17 — Suzi Dafnis’ approach to effective speed reading
  • 30:20 — Brand Scaping by Andrew Davis on how to co-create content
  • 31:48 — How to find out more about Suzi Dafnis

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