076. Ari Meisel On How To Be More Productive With The ‘Less Doing’ Approach

May 14th, 2016 By: Ash

Ari Meisel On How To Be More Productive With The ‘Less Doing’ Approach

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Key Points Discussed / Timestamps

  • 00:46 –  Introduction and Overview
  • 03:56 – Ari Meisel shares insights into his journey and how it led him founding lessdoing.com.

  • 04:58 – How to avoid stress as a known contributor to Crohn’s disease with Ari Meisel

  • 05:36 – 80:20 Rule and Eisenhower’s Four Quadrant Matrix: How they contribute to better time management with Ari Meisel

  • 07:04 – Ari Meisel reveals the inner workings of his virtual assistant company. 

  • 09:06 – Ari Meisel explains why it is important to optimize before you automate. 

  • 10:24 – The secrets on how to focus on less out of information overload and do the things that matter

  • 11:11- Evernote is structured to mirror your brain. 

  • 12:34- How to increase productivity via simple task automation with IFTT.com

  • 13:02 – Stop thinking multi-tasking! It is totally anti-productive.

  • 13:16 – How to convert your To-do list to a “Done” list with the help of virtual assistants

  • 13:53 – Some great productivity apps you can apply to your workflow to take your productivity to the next level with Ash Roy and Ari Meisel

  • 15:22 – Ari Meisel shares his experience using Slack and how it helps him run his business on his mobile. 

  • 18:07 – Why it’s more practical to store your files in the cloud rather on your hard drive

  • 18:50 – The challenges Ari Meisel faced when he tried to implement the less doing framework and how he overcame them

  • 19:40 – “A freelancer gets paid when they work, and an entrepreneur gets paid when they’re sleeping.” – Ari Meisel

  • 20:06 – Significant challenges that Ari Meisel’s clients face when they try to implement the less doing framework

  • 22:21 – Ash Roy recaps the key actions the listeners can take from this episode. 

  • 22:56 – Ari Meisel and Ash Roy recommend working with a virtual assistant to help clarify what you are trying to achieve. 

  • 23:25 – Books that have significant impact on Ari Meisel and why

  • 24:01 – How to find out more about Ari Meisel


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