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171. Email Marketing Success Strategies Revealed with Co-Founder of Digital Marketer Richard Lindner

November 19th, 2018 By: Ash

Digital Marketer Co-Founder Richard Lindner Shares His Success Strategies Around Email Marketing

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Key Points and Insights (including timestamps for audio version only):

  • 4:57 – Richard’s introduction to entrepreneurship
  • 8:51 – The elephant in the room: Declining email engagement, the rise of the chatbots and lots more
  • 10:14 – Email list hygiene. It’s not the size of your list it’s the engagement that matters
  • 11:20 – It’s dangerous to measure your email based on the size of your list
  • 13:19 – How the email services grade your emails and why that matters to you
  • 14:39 – The optimum frequency at which you should be sending emails to your list
  • 15:40 – Andre Chaperon’s tagging strategy
  • 16:13 – How Digital marketer approaches engagement based segmentation
  • 16:56 – Richard shares his thoughts on Andre Chaperon’s work
  • 17:58 – How Digital Marketer measures and tracks their email marketing
  • 18:29 – How Digital Marketer identifies a high-value segment in their list
  • 19:03 – Why and how to identify high-value segments
  • 22:32 – Return path certification explained and why it might be worth considering for your business
  • 24:08 – How the act of monitoring opens, unsubscribes, complaints helps you predict pacing
  • 25:59 – How to use your email metrics to read the mind of your audience like a book
  • 27:09 – Most of the time we’re so hung up on metrics we don’t ascribe intent to the metrics
  • 28:11 – Why you MUST have a hypothesis around what you expect to happen for your testing and metrics to be useful
  • 30:55 – The difference between transformational leadership and transactional leadership
  • 32:40 – The value of sharing the goal but also the context and reasoning behind the goal when working with your team
  • 34:33 – Action steps
    • Identify the high-value segments
    • Engage the high-value segments by sending out splinter content
    • If they do engage then make an offer
    • If they don’t engage then put them onto a nurture sequence
  • 36:05 – How to learn from failures (the importance of having a hypothesis)
  • 36:36 – An alternative way to look at failure
  • 37:15 – Useful tools mentioned: Mail monitor app and return path certification
  • 37:39 – How to indoctrinate your subscribers
    •  Introduce your subscribers to your personality or your brand’s personality
  • 38:36 – Align your brand with a common enemy or with a common vision
  • 39:05 – Bounce your new subscribers to your social channels
    • Tell them what to do but offer them a benefit to following that instruction
  • 40:20 – Tell them what you believe in
  • 40:34 – Show them your best content
  • 41:20 – How to re-engage your subscribers with a re-engagement campaign
  • 44:16 – How to write better emails (how to become a better copywriter)
  • 44:50 – Useful books to improve your copy writing abilities
  • 45:27 – If you want to get the email certification a free try

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