127. Dr. James Carlopio Shares His Insights Around The Art of Better Decision Making & ‘Automated Expertise’

May 17th, 2017 By: Ash

Dr. James Carlopio Shares His Insights Around The Art of Better Decision Making & ‘Automated Expertise’

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Key Points and Insights

  • 3:02 – Decision making and why it’s important
  • 6:40 – The decision-making process examined compared and contrasted in various disciplines
  • 8:10 – Learnings from the decision-making process used by match referees
  • 9:26 – Decision-making processes in management
  • 10:20 – What is Automated expertise and why it matters to you
  • 11:34 – What the decision-making process involves; the key factors that lead to good vs bad decisions
  • 16:20 – What YOU do to become a better decision maker and do it consistently?
  • 21:41 – Confirmation bias explained
  • 24:36 – Automated expertise explained
  • 25:27 – Why business owners should develop Automated Expertise
  • 27:15 – Key challenges around becoming a better decision maker?
  • 33:06 – Action steps to become a better decision maker
  • 34:29 – Self Awareness and decision- making
  • 35:27 – Mindfulness and decision- making
  • 36:20 – The witness state and decision- making
  • 38:56 – Book by James Carlopio

 Action Steps

  • Look for feedback within and without
  • Be willing to make mistakes and accept the consequences
  • Build experience until almost it becomes internalised as a ‘gut-feeling’
  • Understand the importance of being prepared
  • Understand the importance of ‘priming’
  • Understand the value of patterns in decision making
  • Practice self-awareness


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