122. Shark Tank Judge — John McGrath — On How To Cultivate A Success Mindset And Build An Enduring Brand

April 8th, 2017 By: Ash

Shark Tank Judge — John McGrath — On How To Cultivate A Success Mindset And Build An Enduring Brand


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Key Points (Timestamps on Youtube Video)

  • 1:08 – How mindset played an important role in John’s success
  • 7:00 – It takes at least 10 years to become overnight success
  • 7:55 – John’s advice on how to overcome the fear of thinking big
  • 10:10 – How to deal with being a public figure and the public scrutiny that comes with it?
  • 15:50 – How to make better choices around your thinking in each present moment
  • 17:05 – The greatest thing John found about achieving some level of success (it’s not the financial rewards)
  • 19:09 – Why John thinks it’s essential to break out of your comfort levels (and how it helped him)
  • 23:18 – The importance of focusing on lead indicators rather than lag indicators
  • 25:06 – Challenges around separating one’s business brand from one’s personal brand
  • 28:47 – Key action steps, insights and wrap up

Why mindset plays such an important role

  1. It is important to think big, it drives every decision you make.
  2. Working hard, understanding what it takes and having a tough mindset is what matters.

How to overcome challenges around thinking big

  1. Make a paradigm shift by changing your focus from fear to excitement.
  2. Identify the things that scare you and actively work towards overcoming those fears one at a time.
  3. What other people think of you is none of your business.

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