036. Online Presence, Key Trends In Content Marketing And What This Means For You — With Yaro Starak

August 4th, 2015 By: Henry Torrino

Online Presence, Key Trends In Content Marketing And What This Means For You — With Yaro Starak

Yayo Starak is the founder of entrepreneurs-journey.com, Which he established back in 2005 and he’s also the author of Blog Profits Blueprint. Yaro began blogging as a hobby, and he’s been doing it professionally since his monthly income exceeded $10,000 a month. He’s mentored thousands of other experts, authors, coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers on how to turn their expertise into profitable online business and today, Yaro helps people set up their blog sales funnel; a system that combines blogging with email marketing to build a platform to sell your digital training products.


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Key points (with timestamps)

  • 2:55 – An overview of Yaro’s blogging journey
  • 10:22 – Yaro’s story on podcasting
  • 17:06 – Why online presence is so important to entrepreneurs
  • 17:24 – “The blog itself is a platform.”
  • 19:06 – On having an email list
  • 20:05 – How does blogging help businesses get to the next level?
  • 20:49 – Using content to deliver information and to establish trust
  • 22:38 – On personal branding
  • 25:44 – Two types of marketing
  • 26:33 – Will the big brand start to go micro?
  • 27:47 – Conversion rate of landing page using email vs sms
  • 32:23 –  Is blogging dead?
  • 35:53 – Common challenges when developing online presence and how to overcome them
  • 40:26 – Best market research process
  • 41:55 – How listeners could get in touch with Yaro

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