The Visionary

November 4th, 2018 By: Ash

The Visionary

What made Steve Jobs such a great visionary?

Well, he was an unconventional thinker.

For instance, in his Standford address, Jobs talked about death being the ultimate change agent.

But his ability to come up with revolutionary products didn’t just come from his thinking.

Steve was also a prolific action taker. He experimented constantly. He launched several products, many of which were complete failures. However, it was the insights he gained from those launches that led to some of his groundbreaking ideas.

The Lisa was considered a technical achievement; it was a sales failure. Yet, the learnings from the Lisa were critical to the success of the Macintosh.

A lot of Steve Jobs’ insights which led to him becoming one of the greatest visionaries of our time, came from his ability to execute on his ideas.

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