021. Facebook Advertising with Keith Kranc and <a href='/keith-kranc-ralph-burns/'>Ralph Burns</a> (Part 2)

021. Facebook Advertising with Keith Kranc and Ralph Burns (Part 2)

May 19th, 2015 By: Ash

Keith Kranc on Facebook Video Advertising (Click on the Green Image to Download Keith’s Free User Guide for Video Equipment)

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Key points discussed / timestamps:

  • 1:29 – Introduction to Facebook video advertising
  • 2:15 – Video advertising is social proof.
  • 3:14 – The “rule of three” used by major Hollywood studios
  • 3:58 – Highlights of Keith Kranc’s 15-minute talk at the digital marketer conference
  • 5:25 – How a video campaign differs from regular Facebook campaign
  • 5:57 – Why video creates a high level of engagement than a normal ad
  • 6:52 – Why your branding is much better with video
  • 7:13 – Creating retargeting lists based on video reviews
  • 7:30 – How videos create emotion, higher customer engagement and increased sales
  • 7:53 – Why a small to medium enterprise should consider Facebook video advertising
  • 9:53 – Repurposing video ads from Facebook to YouTube
  • 10:05 – How to craft a good call to action in your videos that adapts to different formats
  • 10:57 – The three biggest search engines in the world (Is Facebook the fourth biggest search engine?)
  • 11:35 –  How to overcome the most common challenges in getting started with video advertising
  • 12:29 – The easiest way to create a Facebook video ad
  • 13:26 – Video ad winning formula
  • 14:12 – You have to create credibility as soon as possible
  • 15:01 –  Transition to the solution with a call to action
  • 16:07 – How to create one ending that adapts to various formats
  • 17:30 – Clearly communicate benefits to your viewers to turn them into customers
  • 18:25 – Actions you can take to get started with Facebook Video advertising today!
  • 18:42 – A few great tips on good quality inexpensive mics2
  • 20:40 – How listeners can get in contact with Keith

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