020. Raventools founder — Jon Henshaw — On Integrated Marketing Solutions

May 12th, 2015 By: Ash

Raven Tools founder — Jon Henshaw — On Integrated Marketing Solutions


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Key points discussed / timestamps

  • 1:32 – A brief overview of Raven tools and Integrated Marketing Solution
  • 2:26 – What is Raven tools?
  • 5:00 – On Content Marketingjon-headshot-1000
  • 7:01 – How to Get Started with Integrating Marketing Solution
  • 7:21 –  “Brand also means style.”
  • 8:25 – “You need to have your own clear (business) strategy of what it is you’re trying to accomplish.”
  • 8:45 – “One strategy is not right for all companies.”
  • 9:46 – Future proofing your brand
  • 12:08 – “It’s providing contents that are not crappy and hastily written.”
  • 14:14- “… to have zero ad on their sites. Establish the strength of your brand.”
  • 17:40 –  Setting up tracking attribution
  • 20:05 – The main challenges when implementing integrated marketing in businesses
  • 22:25 – “Do your best not to spend a lot of money but try a bunch of different things…”
  • 23:57 – “Do not sign in long-term contracts.”
  • 25:02 – Facebook ads experience
  • 27:40 – Using Social Media to advertise your business contents
  • 29:25 – Other things to consider to start off with online marketing and integrated marketing solutions
  • 33:23 – On guest blogging

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