Doing this one thing daily will make you a better decision maker

November 10th, 2018 By: Ash

Doing this one thing daily will make you a better decision maker

Some time ago I spoke to Dr James Carlopio who used to be my university professor and is now a friend. We talked about decision making.

Turns out there’s two types of decision-making :

  • The rational decision-making model where someone sits down and considers well thought out options (often using a spreadsheet)
  • The impulsive intuitive decision-making process that a doctor makes in an emergency room

Feedback and reflection (on the decisions you made) is the most powerful way of improving your decision-making skills.

Asking certain questions help you become more astute over time

  • What went well?
  • What went badly?
  • What could I have improved on?

Journalling is an awesome way to reflect and gain feedback.

Do you journal?

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