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GTD with Omnifocus 2 — Your Key to Stress Free productivity

Have you heard? Omnifocus 2 was released earlier today! I don’t know about you, but the productivity geek in me is pretty damn excited! If you haven’t heard about Omnifocus or the Getting Things Done Approach then you’re about to discover a great productivity hack. Head on over to my earlier post on the GTD approach using […]

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The Steve Jobs Guide to Using Death as The Ultimate Change Agent + 22 Actionable Insights to Thrive Through Change

You know the saying “There are no guarantees in life”? It’s nonsense! Two things are guaranteed in life. Change. And Death. Sounds morbid, I know. But there is a point to this morbidity, as you will see later in this post. Anyway, there’s no getting away from change and death. Yet, we seem to fear them […]

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