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062. Suzi Dafnis On How To Find Your Ideal Mentor And The Value Of Mentorship

Suzi Dafnis Shares Her Thoughts On How To Find Your Ideal Mentor Suzi Dafnis from abn.org.au is a friend and a very successful entrepreneur to the Productive Insights Podcast. She’s a passionate supporter and role model for women in business. She provides education, resources and mentoring to entrepreneurs so they can reach their full potential. […]

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027. Overcoming Procrastination Tutorial — Practical Tips on Maximising Your Productivity

How To Overcome Procrastination — Practical Tips on Maximising Your Productivity Share This Episode: Click To Tweet Video Tutorial, Key Points / Timestamps     This video/podcast provides some very practical tips on how to overcome procrastination and dramatically increase your productivity. Some of the key concepts covered in this video (including timestamps) are listed below. […]

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How safe are you from a heart attack? 6 things you can do to reduce your stress levels right now

OK, so What exactly is stress? According to the Oxford dictionary stress is defined as” a state of mental or emotional strain or tension result ing from adverse or demanding circumstances”. Of all the nasty stuff that chronic stress levels can cause (like immunosuppression, sleep disorders, eating disorders etc) the scariest one for me is having an […]

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