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The Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix As you head into the new year it might be worthwhile considering Eisenhower’s approach to task prioritization. This approach was made popular by Stephen Covey and later came to be known as the four quadrants approach.  The underlying idea is based on Eisenhower’s premise which was that urgent stuff is seldom important […]

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Problem solving techniques (a 5 step process)

Problem solving techniques (a 5 step process) How do you go about solving a problem effectively? There are five key steps in solving a problem Defining the problem You need to define the problem clearly BEFORE you jump into solution mode. One of the biggest obstacles to problem-solving is not getting clear on what exactly […]

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Time management skills are now redundant

Time Management Skills vs Energy Management Skills Fredrick Winslow Taylor became known for his time and motion studies. He used it as a tool to measure (and improve) a business’ efficiency. Back when he adopted this approach which later came to be known as ‘scientific management’, it made sense. He was measuring worker performance on […]

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Time management

Time management Time management is a misnomer. You can’t really manage time because there is a finite number of hours in each day. Every one of us is subject to the same time constraints. So so you can’t really manage time given the fact you can’t control it. What you can manage is your priorities. […]

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The problem with being purely goal-oriented

The problem with being purely goal-oriented Postponing your satisfaction until you reach your destination, or making your happiness conditional to goal-achievement is one of the quickest ways to unhappiness. The best possible result you can hope for is fleeting satisfaction. Makes a lot more sense to attach your happiness to the journey to your goals […]

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Atomic habits

Atomic Habits Earlier today, I spoke to James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits. He talked about habits being the compound interest of self-improvement. The drip drip drip approach to building a habit through consistent daily practice can snowball over time and yield astounding results. One of the best ways to encourage ourselves to develop […]

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