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Category: Health

The Zen of Office Yoga: 5 Simple tips to stress less by stretching more at your desk right now

Article by Savannah Correll Do you hit a mid-morning slump where your back throbs and you just can’t concentrate anymore? Do you get stressed out, and find your productivity levels dropping in the afternoon at work? Do you have difficulty practising mindfulness? We’ve researched the best Yoga stretches and poses you can do right in your office (without putting […]

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How I stir fried my way to better health and financial freedom in 5 steps

For the best part of two years now I have been trying to come up with a workable solution to my daily dinner dilemma : How to get that hit of healthy protein with a good dose of greens in an economically viable and time effective fashion? I mean, after all a good diet and a sustainable exercise routine is […]

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How to Stop Procrastination Dead in it’s Tracks – Once And For All! A 3 step Guide

Frustrating isn’t it? You’re really stressed out because you know you’ve got to get stuff done but you just can’t get started. So you just sit there, do a lot of handwringing but not much else. I’ve been there. In fact, over the last few months I’ve spent several precious moments agonising over resuming my gym routine […]

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How To Use Mindfulness To Maximise Your Productivity

How To Use Mindfulness To Maximise Your Productivity Productivity and mindfulness. Those two words sound almost contradictory don’t they? Probably because we associate productivity with a frenetic cyber connected world. We associate being busy with being productive. But in most cases being busy is how we procrastinate on the tasks that really matter. We get really busy […]

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How safe are you from a heart attack? 6 things you can do to reduce your stress levels right now

OK, so What exactly is stress? According to the Oxford dictionary stress is defined as” a state of mental or emotional strain or tension result ing from adverse or demanding circumstances”. Of all the nasty stuff that chronic stress levels can cause (like immunosuppression, sleep disorders, eating disorders etc) the scariest one for me is having an […]

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