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Category: Social Media

How To Create Useful Content For Your Audience

Ever noticed a parent kneeling down to talk to their toddler? That one gesture speaks volumes. It shows a level of care and empathy that can’t possibly be communicated while standing up, towering over that little soul. You could be standing there looking down at her with the face of an angel, you’d still look […]

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20 Tips to 4X your Online Business Within 12 Months

  Infographic Source SuperFastBusiness With James Schramko  

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If you don’t exist on social media… You don’t exist. Period!

Sounds dramatic I know. Now that I have your attention let me qualify that statement: If you don’t exist online and are less than 25 years old you might as well not exist. In another five years this will probably hold true for social media as well. Social media is the new social proof: Corporations […]

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