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Category: Mindset

018. How To Build An EIGHT-figure business – With Buck Rizvi

How To Build An EIGHT-figure business – With Buck Rizvi Buck Rizvi is an accomplished entrepreneur who has established an eight-figure business in the health supplements industry. I met Buck at the Super Fast Business live conference in March 2015 where he presented some excellent insights around how he grew his business to eight figures […]

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013. James Reynolds On How To Create A Highly Successful Services Business

How To Create A Successful Services Business With James Reynolds James Reynolds is the founder of which helps to get more traffic to your website and make more sales through Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords. I met James at the Superfast Business Live Conference where I had the pleasure of watching him speak […]

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011. Dan Norris – Startups explained and how to start your own startup (Part 1)

Startups Explained With Dan Norris – Author of The 7 Day Startup (Part 1) Dan Norris, the founder of and the author of the Seven Day Startup and is working on another book called Content Machine. I met Dan at Super Fast Business Live 10 earlier this month where I had the pleasure of […]

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009. “Blind Man Driving” With Kevin Rogers — Comedian Turned Copywriter

60 Second Sales Hook With Kevin Rogers – Comedian Turned Copywriting Expert Kevin Rogers is someone who’s unique and has an interesting combination of talents. I met Kevin at the Super Fast Business Live Conference in March 2015 where I had the pleasure of watching him speak. Kevin beautifully combined his talents as a comedian […]

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002. James Schramko On How To Use The Recurring Income To Maximise Profit And Fund Your Perfect Lifestyle

Recurring Income For Maximum Profit That Funds Your Perfect Lifestyle – with James Schramko James Schramko is the founder of and is an excellent podcast episode guest. Share This Episode: Click To Tweet In this interview James and I discuss how to use the recurring income business model to: Maximise customer retention Create a very loyal customer base Maximise […]

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001. Neil Patel (Kissmetrics Founder) On How To Make Better Decisions Around Client Selection, Branding and Investing

Neil Patel – Kissmetrics (Founder) On Entrepreneurship, Branding and A Whole Lot More(Scroll down for a full transcript of the interview) Neil Patel is the founder of Crazy Egg, Kissmetric and Quick Sprout. He also consults with major organizations such as Buffer, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor and Live Chat. Share This Episode: Click To Tweet I […]

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