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Want To Take Your  Business To The Next Level?!            

Launch Your Podcast Today And Claim Your 'Real Estate' on iTunes!

An open letter to business owners looking to really move the needle! 

2017 is the year you finally scale things up. Have you considered having your own iTunes show?

Hi, I'm Ash and I have helped other business owners just like you to publish their own iTunes show.

I also have a successful podcast featuring some of the world's leading online entrepreneurs like Neil Patel (founder of Kissmetrics), Rand Fishkin (Wizard of Moz), James Schramko (founder of Superfast Business) and lots more! You can check out my Podcast here.

I can dramatically simplify your podcast launch process with my"Done With You" Podcast Package 


Over 6 personalised face to face sessions I will help you:

  • Name your podcast
  • Get a show intro and outro bumper for a professional sound
  • Source a show artwork design from talented designers
  • Get your website working so that your podcasts appear there too
  • Hook up an email newsletter collection opt-in
  • Create a show outline so you have a quality show
  • Invite a guest to your show (and help you every step of the way)
  • Record your first three episodes
  • Edit your first three episodes
  • Upload your media to the cloud
  • Submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher
  • Design a simple checklist workflow system so that you can create shows forever
  • Publish the first three episodes to get you up and running guaranteed!

For $3997 USD, you are guaranteed to have three epsiodes of your NEW podcast published in the iTunes marketplace. Your website can carry an 'as seen in iTunes' tag showing your customers you are the real deal. Finally YOU can be a published podcaster with your own show!


P.S - I only work with a few website owners per month so be sure to get started now.

Ash Roy

After a corporate career in finance and strategy, that spanned 15 years in large multinational corporations, Ash founded Productive Insights in 2013.

Productive Insights helps businesses turn website visitors into loyal customers by leveraging the power of the internet.He holds a CPA (Society of CPAs Australia) and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

His passion is to partner with businesses to create successful online strategies and deliver outstanding results. He's particularly passionate about content marketing and productivity.Download your free report which shows you how to increase your productivity in business and life and wins you back 5 Hours Each Week:

Ash has a successful podcast called “Productive Insights Podcast” which features some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs. You can access it on iTunes via this link can also follow him on twitter via @AshRoyHelps and like his Facebook page

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