Minimum viable offer

December 8th, 2018 By: Ash

Minimum viable offer

How do you know if you have a minimum viable offer?

You know … an offer you can build a successful business around?

There’s a ton of literature out there which talks about how to create a minimum viable product.

It’s referred to as MVP in the lean startup methodology. A good framework to wrap your head around the idea of MVP and understand it’s importance within the broader context of a typical startup.

But finally, MVP comes down to one whether a customer will pay you (usually in currency) for your product. You have a minimum viable offer when your customer willingly pays you to solve a problem she has, and walks away from the transaction feeling like she received more value than she parted with.

That’s it.

Your customer should receive more value from your product than they paid in dollars.

The rest of the literature — albeit important — is peripheral.

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