082. How To Use Google Display Network Or GDN To Maximise Your Advertising ROI With <a href='/mike-rhodes/'>Mike Rhodes</a>

082. How To Use Google Display Network Or GDN To Maximise Your Advertising ROI With Mike Rhodes

June 22nd, 2016 By: Ash

How To Use Google Display Network Or GDN To Maximise Your Advertising ROI With Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes of websavvy.com.au is a Google Partner and the author of the Ultimate Google AdWords Fourth Edition Book which was used by thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs. He specializes in Google AdWords Management. He’s an internationally recognized speaker, a marketing specialist, a digital marketing trainer whose career spans over 25 years. He’s only 25 years old, by the way. He was named one of PPC Hero’s top 25 Global influences in 2015. He’s a devoted father and husband.

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Key Points (Timestamps)

  • 02:42 – Introduction and Overview
  • 04:44 – Mike Rhodes shares his mindset within his digital marketing agency.
  • 07:51 – Why Google Display Network is critical to business growth
  • 09:30 – Mike Rhodes explains Google Adsense program.
  • 11:25 – The difference between Facebook and Google display network ads
  • 13:16 – “Display is interruption marketing.” – Mike Rhodes
  • 15:05 – A – B Testing: Large part of the being a successful advertiser
  • 17:32 – “Sending traffic to landing page that is not tested is a crime against humanity.” – Avinash Kaushik
  • 18:13 – Ash Roy talks about Mark Bouris’ Understanding Your Business Purpose Principle.
  • 19:05 – Mini Case study – The impact the letter “S” can make to your ads
  • 20:35 – You can’t trust your gut, you need to run tests on your ads.
  • 21:50 – Facebook understands its audience’s likes and dislikes better than Google.
  • 22:30 – How Google In-Market Targeting works
  • 24:40 – “Privacy is gone, privacy is dead, privacy does not exist anymore.” – Mike Rhodes
  • 26:01 – “People go to Google to solve a problem, Google wants to make the experience as easy as possible.” – Eric Enge
  • 28:31 – Mike Rhodes shares a secret around the future of Google Display Ads.
  • 31:19 – Behavioral targeting becomes a much bigger part of the future in Google Display Network.
  • 32:44 – Re-marketing marketing is the most talked about behavioral targeting.
  • 33:27 – How Google Geolocation marketing works
  • 34:36 – The 4 horsemen (of the information economy):
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Amazon
  • 37:09 – How to reduce Amazon’s chances of crushing your eCommerce business
  • 39:04 –  The challenges around Google’s display network:
    • Set up
    • Fraud
    • Lack of understanding of how GDN works
    • Knowing where and how to start
    • Getting caught in your assumptions
  • 43:21 – Hire a GDN marketing agency that doesn’t try to game the system.
  • 44:07 – How Google addresses the issue of individuals gaming the system
  • 47:12 – Mike Rhodes’ steps on how to overcome issues with Google display network
  • 48:30 – The great benefit of using GDN over SEO
  • 49:34 – Ash Roy’s advice when you are getting started with GDN
  • 51:05 – Action steps listeners can take from this episode
  • 51:43 – How Google Display Planner tool helps you discover your display network
  • 53:52 – Books that have significant impact on Mike Rhodes and why
  • 56:29 – How listeners can find out more about Mike Rhodes
  • 58:31 – Wrap up and Thank you

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