021. Facebook Advertising with Keith Kranc and Ralph Burns (Part 2)

May 19th, 2015 By: Ash

Keith Kranc on Facebook Video Advertising (Click on the Green Image to Download Keith’s Free User Guide for Video Equipment)

Keith Krance is the founder of dominatewebmedia.com. After spending six years as an airline pilot, Keith decided to blaze the trail of an entrepreneur and not long after this decision he fell in love with Facebook advertising and founded Dominate Web Media which is a full-service agency and a consulting company. So Dominate Web Media helps businesses scale their marketing efforts through Facebook advertising retargeting and dozens of other online media channels, and Keith has mastered Facebook advertising and is a world leading authority in that niche.

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Key points discussed / timestamps:

  • 1:29 – Introduction to Facebook video advertising
  • 2:15 – Video advertising is social proof.keith11
  • 3:14 – The “rule of three” used by major Hollywood studios
  • 3:58 – Highlights of Keith Kranc’s 15-minute talk at the digital marketer conference
  • 5:25 – How a video campaign differs from regular Facebook campaign
  • 5:57 – Why video creates a high level of engagement than a normal ad
  • 6:52 – Why your branding is much better with video
  • 7:13 – Creating retargeting lists based on video reviews
  • 7:30 – How videos create emotion, higher customer engagement and increased sales
  • 7:53 – Why a small to medium enterprise should consider Facebook video advertising
  • 9:53 – Repurposing video ads from Facebook to YouTube
  • 10:05 – How to craft a good call to action in your videos that adapts to different formats
  • 10:57 – The three biggest search engines in the world (Is Facebook the fourth biggest search engine?)
  • 11:35 –  How to overcome the most common challenges in getting started with video advertising
  • 12:29 – The easiest way to create a Facebook video ad
  • 13:26 – Video ad winning formula
  • 14:12 – You have to create credibility as soon as possible
  • 15:01 –  Transition to the solution with a call to action
  • 16:07 – How to create one ending that adapts to various formats
  • 17:30 – Clearly communicate benefits to your viewers to turn them into customers
  • 18:25 – Actions you can take to get started with Facebook Video advertising today!
  • 18:42 – A few great tips on good quality inexpensive mics2
  • 20:40 – How listeners can get in contact with Keith


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