034. Olympian, Jon Edwards, on The 3 Secrets To High Performance – Part 2

July 22nd, 2015 By: Ash

Olympian, Jon Edwards, on The 3 Secrets To High Performance – Part 2


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Key points (with timestamps)

  • 1:03 – How technology affects children today
  • 3:36 – What is high-performance and why it is important in business
  • 4:49 – Industrial incest
  • 9:10 – On David Allen’s Getting Things Done Approach
  • 9:43 – How to master the art of Idea capture
  • 13:15 – How high-performance practices can translate into high profit
  • 14:30 – How to create a reserve of resources to pursue additional opportunities
  • 17:32 – Entrepreneurship – one of the four factors (economic) of production (the others being land, labor and capital)
  • 21:13 – The world of work is about to change … FAST! So buckle up!
  • 26:38- “You don’t have to be the expert. You just have to be their expert.”
  • 27:54 – How to overcome the fear of being accused of plagiarism and just get started with content creation
  • 30:20 – Why it’s not always a good idea to blindly take advice from your ‘inner circle’ (and why you should step into your outer circle)
  • 35:26 – Incremental approach vs Break through the barrier approach
  • 40:27 – How listeners can get in touch with Jon
  • 42:15 – A goal is NOT a dream with a deadline.

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