037. Information Overload – How To Eliminate It And Maximize Your Productivity

037. Information Overload – How To Eliminate It And Maximize Your Productivity

August 10th, 2015 By: Ash

How to Eliminate Information Overload And Maximize Your Productivity

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Information Overload is one of the biggest obstacles to productivity today. If you can move from consuming information to producing output, you’re ahead of most of your competition.

But the question is, HOW do you actually deal with information overload?

Or more importantly, how do you stop this deluge of information and advertisements from distracting you from your focus?

Well, in this video/podcast, I share EXACTLY what you can do to deal with the information epidemic we face as a society in this information age.

This video/podcast provides some very practical tips on how to deal with information overload and dramatically increase your productivity while reducing your STRESS LEVELS!

It shows you how to unclutter your mind from all the messages that are bombarding you every minute of every day.

Some of the key concepts covered in this video (including timestamps) are listed below.

Key points in tutorial (including timestamps)

1:35 – Thank you for the podcast reviews.
2:48 – Overview of Podcast
3:08 – Why Eliminate Information Overload
4:13 – Main sources of information overload
4:44 – FOMO – The mindset that leads to information overload
5:06 – How to deal with the FOMO mindset to free yourself from info overload
6:24 – Some tactical strategies on dealing with information overload
7:08 – Key obstacles
7:59 – Action Steps to Overcome Information Overload
8:33 – Related podcast episodes

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